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Default Mistress - T - Fetish Fuckery - Caged Cuckold Condom Dump (Femdom Sex)
Mistress - T - Fetish Fuckery - Caged Cuckold Condom Dump (Femdom Sex)

Mistress Lexi loves keeping her small dicked cuckolds in chastity, but even that is not enough to satisfy her sadistic urges. Whenever Lexi goes on a date with a well hung stud, she picks one of her cucks and cages them overnight while she is out having fun. The thought of a poor slave suffering alone in chastity while she is getting off amuses her to no end.

But Lexi especially looks forward to "sharing" the experience with the cuck - by making him eat the cum of her stud out of the used condoms. The poor cuck has to suffer the humiliation of eating 2 condoms worth of cum while Lexi teases him about the taste of her pussy on the rubbers. Noticing that the cuck was getting hard from eating the cum, Lexi plays with his locked up cock and balls to get him even harder before suddenly stopping and ordering the cuck back into the cage. All the horny and frustrated cuck can do is look up at Lexi as she dangles his chastity key over his cage, telling him he has much more cum to eat before she will ever let him out of chastity.



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